Denver Urban Scholars Prepare for Take-Off

September 21st, 2016

By Jonathan Kamm, Director of Program Operations

When we first starting planning for the Denver Urban Scholars inaugural Fall Take-Off event I was immediately petrified. A survey? We are going to have everyone start the day by filling out a survey!? People are going to run screaming from the room and immediately ask to be withdrawn from our programming! The energy and excitement from mentors and mentees is going to be sapped and Denver Urban Scholars will be ruined from here to eternity! Or so I initially thought as this event planning originally began to take shape.

However, as time went along and more planned details of the day became evident, my uncertainties slowly became assuaged. Clothespin tag, dance parties, and raffle prize giveaways were also on the agenda. Massive games of “rock, paper, scissors” and colorful airplane graphics were incorporated into the itinerary. Pulsing energy from the group soon became a priority, and I not only felt good about the plan but I began to get excited about it.

When the day finally arrived, I witnessed firsthand the individuals who make Denver Urban Scholars a true community of pilots, co-pilots, and air traffic controllers. The vigor in the room seemed almost contagious. I immediately felt welcomed by all sorts of pilots and co-pilots alike, all of whom were seasoned veterans in the Denver Urban Scholars community compared to the mere 5 weeks I had been on the job prior to this event. Every time I turned around I saw smiles, laughter, and what I can only call good times being had across the board. This caring and supportive community embraced a recommitment to Denver Urban Scholars, and I watched in awe as eager participants literally inked their pledges to each other and to the group.

As I reflect now on the event and its meaning in the larger context of the work happening here at Denver Urban Scholars, it is clearer to me than ever that I am a part of something far bigger than even I had anticipated. And to think that it all started out with a survey …

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