At Denver Urban Scholars, we believe in the power of a positive mentor on the lives of our students. Just consider the following statistics about our students after they have become Urban Scholars:

  • 95% of our seniors have graduated the last six years
  • 90% of our scholars have graduated from high school
  • 100% of our graduates last year were accepted to college

In the words of one of our mentors when asked about how mentoring has impacted his life,

Mentoring Ivan has been one of the best experiences of my life. Even though my contact with Ivan is not daily, he consistently reinforces the fact that I can’t make excuses in my daily life. Work is tough? Too bad, succeed anyway. Having a tough time fitting in family life with my busy schedule? Too bad, make time anyway. Too tired to get something done? Too bad, get it done anyway. These are the things that Ivan has taught me and are the reasons why mentoring with this organization has been such a special experience.”

If you are interested in becoming a mentor and supporting a youth, submit an application through the link below. We are currently recruiting mentors to be matched with students this summer.

Mentor Application Form

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