Denver Urban Scholars engages students through three programs:


  • Stepping Stones: Serving middle school students in sixth through eighth grades
  • Milestones: Serving high school students in ninth through twelfth grades
  • Capstones: Serving graduates of the Milestones program during their first two years of post-high school education

Students who choose to be a part of the program are empowered and inspired to succeed through:

Our trained mentors act as tutors, counselors, and friends, spending between 6 and 8 hours with the scholar each month. Mentors offer support, guidance, and encouragement to help scholars develop higher levels of self-confidence, improve their relationships with adults and peers, and see school in a more positive light.
Case Management
Our master’s degree-level, professional case managers establish ongoing relationships with each scholar in our program. They work side-by-side with scholars, helping them achieve success through emotionally, developmentally, culturally, and socially appropriate actions.
Academic Support
Our case managers and mentors work with scholars to strengthen and refine the skills that are necessary for academic success.  This may include tutoring, help with writing, or providing coaching and guidance. Often, our case managers work closely with schools and teachers to monitor and support each student.
Financial Assistance
With all the challenges our scholars face, we believe that paying for a good education shouldn’t be an additional burden. After acceptance into our program, our scholars receive the appropriate level of financial assistance to help cover school fees and supplies.

Denver Urban Scholars partners with schools that share a desire to support underserved youth in Denver, Adams, Arapahoe, and Jefferson counties. We combine mentoring, social, emotional and academic support to ensure a life of choice and opportunity for every Scholar. We believe there is dignity and value in all pathways—whether it’s immediate entry into career, a professional certificate, a two-year or a four-year degree.

Each year, Denver Urban Scholars acknowledges program graduates with a personalized graduation ceremony.