Get Involved

Every day, Denver Urban Scholars is actively working to better at-risk students’ chances of graduating and building better lives for themselves. You can help us make that difference in a scholar’s life.


Each scholar is paired with a mentor who establishes a personal relationship, follows the scholar’s progress, and offers guidance, support, and encouragement. Kids with mentors develop higher levels of self-confidence, improve their relationships with adults and peers, and see school in a more positive light.

We are currently recruiting mentors to be matched with students. Contact Megan Maes at 720-627-9601 or by Email for more information.

Mentor Job Description

The steps toward becoming a mentor with Denver Urban Scholars include:

  1. Complete the Mentor Application and submit it. Click to download: Mentor Application
  2. Interview with our Partnership Manager, Kelly.
  3. Pass a background check (including fingerprinting) and reference check.
  4. Attend a Mentor Orientation.


Denver Urban Scholars has volunteer opportunities related to our special events throughout the year. Check back frequently for updated information.

Marketing and Public Relations Help

We are always looking for volunteers to help with marketing and public relations. This type of work might include developing flyers, updating our website design and content, writing press releases and building media partnerships, and serving on our Marketing Committee. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, please contact Kelly Scott at 720-627-9601.


As the Byrne family’s foundation only covers operating expenses, we rely on generous donations and grants to provide the four-year renewable scholarships for our scholars. One hundred percent of your donation goes to scholarships or other programming that directly impacts our scholars.

What was happening with my family… it was just easier to give up. I didn’t even really want to go to high school. But Jason (mentor) showed me what life was all about.”

–Juan, Denver Urban Scholar graduate and college student