Student Stories

Mauricio and Tom

Mauricio and Tom have been matched for two years. Tom has enjoyed watching Mauricio grow into a confident young man. They enjoy playing basketball together and just hanging out. When asked about our program and his mentor, Mauricio said,

Me and my mentor get along so well! We go out, play basketball, and go to games. I recently went to one of his games. It was entertaining but unfortunately they lost. I’m so glad we got paired up. All I have to do is ask for help and he’s going to be there. I am thankful to have him and Denver Urban Scholars in my life.”

Phillip and Manny

Phillip and Manny have been matched for just over two years now. Manny is currently a 9th grade student on the honor roll at La Academia, one of Denver Urban Scholars’ partner schools. When he was a scholar in middle school, he attended KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy. He was not succeeding to his full potential there, but with the help of his mentor he was able to make it through a really tough time he was experiencing. When asked by his case manager to describe his thoughts about Phillip, Manny answered enthusiastically, “He is awesome because he is always helpful and has always encouraged me to do better… he is the greatest friend.”

Throughout the past two years, Phillip and Manny have had many ups and downs. Phillip has been consistent throughout, which has largely influenced his high academic achievement today. His commitment to Manny is profound; he is always there to listen, not pass judgment, and be by his side through Manny’s journey through the turbulent adolescent years. When asked to describe his thoughts about Denver Urban Scholars, Manny responded,

It helps me out a lot with school and it gives me support for anything I need. It just helps a lot. If it wasn’t for Urban Scholars, I would not be where I am today, at La Academia making good decisions.”

Student Mentees Share Their Experiences with Denver Urban Scholars