Board of Directors

  • Jennifer Bowlds, MBA, PMP, Development Committee

    Director of Operations and Service Delivery, Advantage Integrated Solutions. Former mentor with CYAR.
    Outgoing Board Chair of CYAR
    Resides in Denver, CO

  • Mike Brown, Vice Chair, Executive Committee

    Branch Manager/Vice President, Morgan Stanley
    Extensive background in fiscal management, fundraising, corporate and family foundations, and investments
    Resides in Denver, CO

  • Lawrence J. Byrne
    Retired (Non-voting member)

    Founder of Denver Urban Scholars
    Healthcare expert, entrepreneur, donor
    Resides in Denver, CO

  • Patrick Byrne, Executive Committee (non-voting member)

    CEO/ President, Denver Urban Scholars
    Nonprofit management, fundraiser, mentor
    Resides in Denver, CO

  • Amanda Campbell, Program Committee

    Clinical Field Faculty, Metropolitan State University of Denver
    Former DUS Program Director, extensive background in non-profit management, program development and evaluation, and Clinical Supervisor (LCSW)
    Resides in Golden, CO

  • Kim Drais, CPA, Finance Committee

    Consultant, Akili
    Expertise in accounting
    Former Treasurer of CYAR Board
    Resides in Denver, CO

  • Blair Eklund, Finance Committee, Investment Committee Chair

    Self-Employed Commodities Trader
    Extensive background in fiscal management, investments, wealth-management, endowment planning
    Resides in Evergreen, CO

  • Jason Fellows, CPA, Finance Committee

    Senior Manager, CBIZ MHM
    Expertise in accounting
    Former Secretary of CYAR Board
    Resides in Denver, CO

  • Sanai Fennell, Finance Committee

    Assistant Vice President, Firstbank Holding Company
    Expertise in banking and loans. Alumna of CYAR.
    Former Board Member of CYAR
    Resides in Denver, CO

  • Lou Grossman, Mentor Ambassador Committee

    Partner, Kean Miller LLP
    Litigation and appellate attorney. Mentor to a high school student.
    Resides in Denver, CO

  • Stacey Hawes, Marketing Committee

    President, Epsilon Data Practice
    Several years of marketing and communication experience; Leadership Development, Branding and market segmentation expertise

  • Katie Hendrickson, Marketing Committee

    Vice President, Pellegrini Solutions
    Expertise in marketing, branding, merchandising. Former mentor with CYAR.
    Former Chair Elect of CYAR Board
    Resides in Denver, CO

  • Christina Huszcza, Board Secretary, Development Committee

    Attorney, Hall Prangle and Schoonveld LLC
    Legal expertise and special event experience
    Resides in Denver, CO

  • Desiree Jewell, Marketing Chair, Executive Committee

    Director of Product Marketing, Return Path
    Expertise in strategic planning, customer relationship management, and brand awareness
    Resides in Broomfield, CO

  • Joe Kelloff, Board Chair, Executive Committee

    Vice President, Production and Business Development, McElvain Energy
    Expertise in the oil and gas field as well and fundraising and special event development experience
    Resides in Arvada, CO

  • Tom Kimball, Marketing Committee

    Vice President, Lender Sales, Land Title Guarantee
    Prior mentor, Denver business leader, special events, development strategies/implementation
    Resides in Denver, CO

  • Patrick Labbe, Board Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair, Executive Committee

    Assistant to the Portfolio Manager, J.V. Bruni & Co.
    Previous mentor, extensive background in fiscal management, investments
    Resides in Colorado Springs, CO

  • Ryan McGuffey, Development Committee

    Partner, Long, Reimer, Winegar
    Legal expertise, fundraising, oil and gas
    Resides in Denver, CO

  • Jon Roberts, MS, Development Committee

    Realtor, Banyon Real Estate
    Expertise in programming, facilitation, development. Former mentor with CYAR.
    Former Board Member of CYAR
    Resides in Centennial, CO

  • Sara Shelton, Program Committee

    State Relations Strategist, Education Commission of the States
    Background in state education policy.
    Former Board Member of CYAR
    Resides in Denver, CO

  • David Spaulding, Development
    Committee Chair, Executive Committee

    Attorney, Hoffman Crews Nies Waggener & Foster LLP
    Expertise with employment law, fundraising, and special events
    Resides in Denver, CO

  • Kenzie Strong, Program Committee Chair, Executive Committee

    Senior Director, Evaluation and Learning Mile High United Way
    Evaluation expertise, strategic planning, program design, intervention strategies with under-served youth
    Resides in Conifer, CO

  • Jenna VanBerschot, Program Committee

    Senior Instructional Designer and Training Specialist, Northrop Grumman Corporation; Adjunct Faculty, University of Colorado Denver
    Expertise in curriculum design, K-12 education, former educator, bilingual in English and Spanish
    Resides in Denver, CO

  • Tanja Wheeler, JD, Program Committee

    Assistant Attorney General, Colorado Attorney General’s Office
    Expertise in law. Former mentor and Board Chair of CYAR.
    Former Board Member of CYAR
    Resides in Denver, CO

  • Noel Wickwar, Development Committee

    Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley
    Extensive background in fiscal management, fundraising, and special events
    Resides in Denver, CO