Denver Urban Scholars Hosts Career Fair for Denver Students

April 19th, 2017

Denver Urban Scholars is hosting a Career Fair on Saturday, April 29, from 11:00AM-1:30PM at their office in Denver, located at The Tramway Nonprofit Center, 3532 Franklin Street. The organization has invited representatives from over 15 targeted areas who are willing to volunteer their time to talk to students about their chosen fields. “By bringing in real professionals to speak to our students, we can not only expose them to the various career paths they could pursue, but also show them that these careers are attainable,” said Denver Urban Scholar’s CEO Patrick Byrne, who has been involved with the organization since its founding in 1995. “The students can practice their interviewing and networking skills.”

This event presents a unique opportunity for area businesses to learn more about students in the program and how Denver Urban Scholars supports them in their life journeys. This year’s scholars have expressed interest in career areas such as Finance, Photography, Art, Business, Marketing, Public Relations, Communications, Government, Hospitality, Food Service, Human Services, Construction, Cosmetology, and Health Care.

While one-on-one mentoring is the cornerstone of Denver Urban Scholar’s programming, the organization also provides college and career readiness curriculum to all of their students in an ongoing effort to support their individual pathways. Mentors are encouraged to attend with their students to support them throughout the day and to serve as a trusted “co-pilot” on student’s respective journeys to college and career success.

In this capacity, the Career Fair is an important part of Denver Urban Scholar’s College & Career Readiness programming. Volunteers set up booths and are visited by students who inquire about their career fields and academic backgrounds.  “The Career Fair creates a real-life experience and gives students a chance to practice networking skills, learn about different careers, and interact with various industry representatives in a professional setting,” said Director of Program Operations, Jonathan Kamm. “It is an amazing opportunity for everyone involved and shows why Denver Urban Scholars is successful in getting their students through high school and eventually into careers that will better their lives.”

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