Denver Urban Scholars and Colorado Youth at Risk join forces

October 2nd, 2017

Denver Urban Scholars and Colorado Youth at Risk have long shared a common mission: creating a brighter future for the youth of Denver.

We are excited to announce the coming together of these two long-standing, proven youth development organizations. Denver Urban Scholars and Colorado Youth at Risk have joined forces to create a single entity, which will operate under the Denver Urban Scholars name.

With a combined 46 years of mentoring and youth development experience, the newly forged agency will benefit from the unique programmatic elements and outcomes of each organization; and will begin a new chapter with the intent of delivering improved programming and outcomes to every young person we serve.

We are excited about this news for two primary, mission-driven reasons:

  • We can serve our youth better, together. By combining the expertise, unique programmatic elements and distinct strengths of each organization, we will forge an even stronger agency to serve our youth better than either of us could have done alone.
  • We have greater financial sustainability and programmatic efficiency as a joint entity. By coming together as a board of directors, a staff of dedicated professionals, and a family of devoted volunteers and donors, we can ultimately serve more students over time. This long-term vision means we can ultimately serve more students, better. That’s the bottom line: improving more lives, together.

Questions? Check out our FAQ for more information about this exciting new chapter!

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