DUS Fundraiser Toolkit

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Thank you for starting a fundraiser for End of Year 2018 Campaign for Denver Urban Scholars! We’re so glad to have you on our team and are grateful for your support.  Peer-to-peer fundraising is the easiest way to engage your network and amplify the impact of your support.  We have compiled everything you need to get started.

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. This is definitely the case if we’re talking about fundraising. While every individual effort counts, sometimes it is best to combine forces with other like-minded, do-gooders and become part of something bigger. The below toolkit will explain how to create or join a team in just a few simple steps.  First click the button below to begin.

1. Create an Individual Fundraising Page
2. Join a Team
3. Create a Team

1. Create an Individual Page

To be a member of any fundraising team, you must first create an individual fundraising page. From the main campaign landing page, click Become a Fundraiser. Then follow the short form until your page is created. Congrats – First step completed!

2. Join a Team

After going through the process of creating your individual page by naming your page, setting a fundraising goal, and uploading a photo, you will be taken to your fundraising page.  If someone you know has already created a team, you can also join forces with them by selecting the Join a Team option after clicking the Join The Movement button on the campaign landing page.

You will then have the option of entering the name of the team you are looking for in the search bar or browsing through the list of established teams, to find the team you are looking to join. Simply click on the name of the team you wish to join to become a team member.  You can also click the Join Team button on existing team pages.

3. Create a Team

Are you the ringleader of this operation? If so, you are probably looking to create a team and have your friends and family join up. You can create a team directly from the Campaign Landing Page by clicking the Join The Movement button, and selecting the Create a Team option in the pop-up. You will then be prompted to name your team, set a fundraising goal, and write a team mission statement. You will then be ready to recruit team members in order to start fundraising!

Team Fundraising Tips

Team Fundraising Progress: Any money given directly to a team fundraising page or an individual that is on a team page will roll up to the team fundraising page.

Leaving a Team: If you would like to leave a team, select the Leave Team option under the Team name on your individual page and you are back to being an individual fundraiser. The team lead and other team members will not receive a notification if you decide to leave your team.

Who can edit the team? Only the team captain who created the team will be able to edit the team fundraising page. The organization account admin can update the page title, the team lead, short URL, and the team fundraising goal.

If you have any questions along the way please reach out to Classy Support.

Let’s Get Fundraising!

Now that your fundraiser is live, take a moment to customize the story to be about YOU, and why you care about the work of Denver Urban Scholars and giving back to your community.  Add your own photos or pick your favorites from our website to make it feel personal.


The first step towards your goal is to share your page with your network. Before posting on social media, give your fundraiser a little momentum by reaching out to friends and family directly via an email, text message, or phone call. A personal message asking for their support will go a long way.

Once you’ve done your first round of personal outreach, social media is a great next step to keep everyone updated on your progress and impact. Share your fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever your people are!

Want to go the extra mile? Make a donation to your own fundraiser to set the example and kick off your fundraising efforts!

Engage your Network

Put together an email to send out to your family and friends, and maybe coworkers or other folks in your network who care about you and might feel compelled to support what you believe in.  Make it personal!

Example email body:

Dear family,

Some of you may know that I [volunteer for Denver Urban Scholars as a member of the Marketing Committee].  I donate my time (and money) to this organization because I believe in the limitless potential of today’s youth, and I believe in the amazing work that Denver Urban Scholars does in my community to help underserved youth to envision and achieve their goals.

We are trying to collectively raise $50,000 to serve more youth than ever before in 2019, and to expand programing to all of our partner schools.  Together, we can provide life-changing opportunities for students to envision the future and their place in it.

Join me to unlock possibility for Denver youth.

Please consider making a donation to my fundraiser to help me reach my personal goal of raising $500 for this cause that is so close to my heart.

[Insert your personal fundraising link here]

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.

With love,
[my name]

. . .

Post your fundraiser link on your social media channels a few times throughout the campaign.  Include a compelling image to help your post get noticed.

Example social media posts:

Hi Friends! This holiday season I am fundraising for my favorite nonprofit organization, Denver Urban Scholars.  My goal is to raise $500 by the end of this year and I need your help to get there! I support this organization because I believe in the limitless potential of today’s youth, and I believe in the amazing work that Denver Urban Scholars does in my community to help underserved youth to envision and achieve their goals.

Join me to unlock possibility for Denver youth! >> [Insert your personal fundraising link here]

. . .

In lieu of a gift, please consider making a donation to a cause near and dear to my heart. I am raising funds for Denver Urban Scholars, a local nonprofit that supports Denver youth by providing life-changing opportunities to pursue individual pathways to career and college.  Click here to donate: [Insert your personal fundraising link here]

. . .

Hi Everyone! As you may know, I [support/volunteer with/work for] Denver Urban Scholars and during this season of giving, [we/they] are trying to raise $50,000 in support of [our/their] youth and programs. DUS supports students on their individual pathways to college and career.  [We/They] serve over 500 students, many of whom will be first generation high school graduates. The program provides wrap-around support through the schools, 1-1 mentoring, family support, tons of engaging programing, and unique opportunities to propel students into a life of choice and opportunity.  Please donate to my fundraiser to help me reach my personal goal of $500 >> Insert your personal fundraising link here]

Resources & Media Downloads

There are multiple ways to contribute to Denver Urban Scholars during this Season of Giving.  Please click on the button below to contribute however you wish.

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