Career Readiness Programing

August 17th, 2017
OPUS Day 2 7-14-17-X2Denver Urban Scholars organized a career day with The OPUS Group, which is a family of commercial real estate development, construction, and design companies with multidisciplinary teams in development, finance, project management, construction, architecture, engineering, and interior design.
The purpose of this day was to expose Denver Urban Scholars participants to various careers. Scholars will had an opportunity to interact directly with people in the field while also seeing them in action at a job site.
healthcare dayAs part of Denver Urban Scholars’ mission and ongoing transformation towards preparing students for career readiness,¬†we are embarking on setting up a ‘Healthcare Industry Exploration Day’ targeted for October 27th to be held at the Anschutz/Fitzsimmons campus.
This day will expose a small group of 20-30 students to the myriad careers available within the healthcare industry, incorporate interactive tours of some of the world class healthcare facilities we have in our backyard, and hopefully inspire the next generation of healthcare leaders.